The Latest News from the "Make it Happen" Club
Patsy, Connie, and Audrey volunteered on behalf of our Club at the Skagitonian Auction, which was a great success.
President Connie – Welcomed Bruce Eskeberg and Steve Miller to the podium.  Steve said a few words about his friend Bruce and why he introduced Bruce to the Rotary Club of La Conner.  President Connie formally inducted Bruce as our newest member of the Rotary Club of La Conner, pinning him, and providing him with his package and Rotary Badge   Welcome Bruce, we are so lucky to have you as a new member to our Club.
Brandon Burbank is a mental health advocate, author and speaker. He was born and raised in Whatcom County. Brandon has an AA in Arts and Sciences with Business Classes. Brandon is the author of the book "Comeback 2 Success: Relentless Commitment for a Better Tomorrow" and several UTube videos.  Brandon specializes in doing talks on mental health speaking from a peer-to-peer perspective. He has his peer-to-peer counselor certification from the Washington State Health Care Authority. The title of Brandon's speech is "Embracing Your Mental Health."  
Brandon Burbank – Thank you all for having me this evening to share with your Club.  Brandon shared with us his passion for sharing his story and that doing so, allows him to help others in similar mental health challenges and darkness and helps him find his purpose which also keeps him in a healthy place.  Brandon shared that when he graduated high school in Bellingham Washington, he went on an adventure to Barcelona to help him discover and grow.  He was always independent and driven, and this type of change he felt would help him discover his purpose and career choices.  When he came back to Bellingham, he started having real struggles with depression, and was diagnosed with Bipolar. He felt isolated and totally lost with no sense of purpose or hope for the future.  Brandon was in and out of Hospitals, therapy, and halfway housing which he hated.  It was a very dark and difficult time for him.  He had lost his sense of purpose and hope.  Brandon shared there are 50M people which is about 1 in 5 people who struggle with mental illness and have similar struggles that Brandon faced.  Brandon started his journey by doing personal journaling, as suggested by his treatment and therapists.  During those times of self-discovery, he realized there are (5) steps that can provide hope and allow him to take ownership of changing his life and struggles.  He describes the (5) steps as:  
1) Self Awareness,
2) Confide in an advocate,
3) Take charge of your situation and life,  
4) Accept change,
5) Be patient for change to come.
     Click "Read More" for details of his speech.
Brandon brought some books to sell to the Club members and also had a drawing to sign one, which Pam was the lucky winner. Thank you, Brandon!  What an inspirational message and program!
Our Hope Springs Eternal 2023 17th Annual Harvesting Hope Auction and dinner raised more money than any previous auction with 118 people attending.  
Former La Conner mayor Ramon Hayes was presented a Paul Harris award.
On August 7th, we met for our annual summer "picnic" at the home of our gracious hosts Doug & Kris VanderSanden.   We enjoyed a great pot luck dinner.
Our speaker was  Dr. Lee Harman who has been actively working on Rotary's PolioPlus project for many years.  He described the effort to eradicate polio and Rotary's major role.   He is currently raising money for PolioPlus riding his Model A, Miss Vicky, on an edurance trip from Alaska to Mexico.
Hanna Kang and Emma Clark, our Youth Engaged in Service (YES) Students, share their experiences leading up and attending the trip to Honduras.
Hanna and Emma did a tag team approach to sharing their gratitude and appreciation for what they have experienced and learned on the YES journey to Honduras.

Thank you, Hanna and Emma, for sharing your journey, your learnings and the passions you both have and bring to our community.
Click Read More for much more extensive description and photos.
Marcello Coradini – Chairman, International Space Advisory Board and CEO Space Systems Solutions - spoke July 17 on Impact of Planetary Environment on the Human Body
 Marcello shared with us the effects of the environment on our physical being.  He spent his entire career researching how the human body would evolve as a function of our environment.  He believes that for the species to be guaranteed survival, evolution will be accelerated, with things like the global warming.  He has researched the effects as it relates to the larger universe and those environments.  In a higher radiation environment, the human will develop thicker skin.  Eyes would probably be more sensitive to UV and X radiation and the perception of reality would be totally different, where we would perceive the structure of object instead of just their shapes.
The shapes of our head to house the brain could be totally different.  Perhaps a big shiny head in the future may then very well be a statement of beauty in 50,000 years.  The brain will change over time due to environment as well as teeth and the shape of the mouth to match what is required for the types of food we would eat.  In addition, according to geneticists, the intensive use of computers and screens will alo affect the size of the human eye.  When you look at the shapes of noses today from different parts of the world, you realize how the environment affects the breathing and nose shape.  From Dinarid, to Roman, to Armenid, to Syrid, the different is due to the current environment to allow people to breath freely.  As the atmosphere changes, so does our nose shape. Also affected is our size.  As gravity changes, so will our compression on our spine and with a change in gravity, can allow for humans to be much taller, and/or much shorter.  All characteristics are not changed by genes, but rather by environment.  Parameters determining the human morphology are gravity, atmospheric composition, atmospheric composition, atmospheric pressure, magnetic field and temperature/climate.  As we search for other planets to provide living spaces, all of the above will be taken into account to ensure the human species can survive.   
Wow, what an interesting presentation with so many GREAT questions and thought from all the members.  
Read More for Marcello's background.
At our July 10 meeting, President Connie passed out the 2023/2024 Goals to the members.  She asked that each table discuss the page of goals they were given and share thoughts with the larger members in 30 minutes.  (See Read More for document). 
President Connie collected the sheets back from the tables with comments that she will summarize.  Some of the highlights were:     
  1. For International, encourage members while traveling to visit local Rotary Clubs – get credit as a make up meeting but more important to meet and share with Rotarians around the world
  2. Continue Rotaract and Interact and identify “host” members when families are visiting in the area.
  3. Website will be updated 1-2 times a week, so share pictures/stories etc. with Keith
  4. Looking to write (4) stories per year about the Rotary Club good as publicizing and attracting new members with similar passions.
  5. Work on additional promotional materials
  6. As a part of Literacy & Education, how we better publicize what we do with Dolly Pardon Imagination Library project
  7. More focus on Vocational Interests / Rotary Fellowship activities
  8. As a part of Social Activity – partner with the sports teams in the area as a way to get to know students and their parents
  9. Connect with local businesses – Get them involved as speakers.  Listen and find ways to get guest involved, additional membership opportunities.
Our June 26 meeting had an additional Scholarship winner speak briefly
and was the installation of our new President, officers and directors.
Adam McGarity end his term as president with the speech and presentation given below:
I’ll start by saying, wow!
What a year we had!
We had some great club meetings and guest speakers.
We hosted fun, successful events.
And we put on massive fundraisers.
We volunteered our time and expertise.
We donated our dollars,
and directed that money towards worthwhile projects.
We strengthened friendships between one another,
and friendships with the community at large.
We improved the workings of our club.
We made La Conner an even better place to be.
And we strengthened our ties abroad
through service, giving, and fellowship.
We advanced Rotary’s mission,
And we did our best to live up to the Four-Way Test each and every day.In preparing for this speech,
I started thinking about your individual contributions.
I began a list...but the list got longer, and longer, and longer. Ultimately, I found it very difficult to single out individuals,
even the most active and engaged among us.
Because I know that each and every one of you
gave the time that you could,
offered what expertise and widsom that you have,
and donated what money you were able...
both to our club, and to Rotary at large.
This club has a generous spirit that we should be proud of,
even the humblest among us.
I want to say thank you to you all...
You’re the reason I’m a part of this club,
and it’s your generous spirit that keeps our club true to its name,
 the “Make it Happen Club."
See "Read More" below for the middle of his speech.
In closing, I’d like to say, Connie,
I know you’re going to have a great year...
You have a supportive, engaged club, and fine line-up of leaders You have a community that appreciates the work we do
And you have a past-president that will support, advise and assist however you need.
Here’s to a successful club year in ‘23-’24
We are a hands-on service club dedicated to improving lives locally and around the world. We do this by promoting and investing in literacy, public health and community service.  We are the club people want to join, because we have fun while making a difference.  Our La Conner Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.  Our tax ID# is 26-2730981.  Learn More About Our Club
Please note that we meet most Mondays at The Farmhouse starting at 5:45pm.  Please check the speaker list and/or event schedule for changes to the venue for the Monday meeting.

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