Welcome Kim Rubenstein, a local entrepreneur and a member of the Skagitonians To Preserve Farmland! Kim spoke at our Monday, April 19th member meeting. She is shown here with her daughter Elizabeth.
Kim started off her talk on the importance of inclusive education; Elizabeth was born in May 1987 and Kim advocated for her full inclusion in public schools in southern California and was successful. Inclusive education = support, and Elizabeth has always had support. "I love to learn", Elizabeth shared.
Kim purchased Katy's Inn and Elizabeth worked there - cleaning, dusting, helping in the kitchen. Elizabeth has also worked at Slider's Cafe with great support. Since March of 2020, Elizabeth has not been able to work due to Covid. This led them to start to think about how to create their own business. Elizabeth is great with the public and has been very successful in fundraising for Meals on Wheels.
"Good Eats, Sweet Treats" is their new company. They are developing their own gluten free recipes for cookies and other treats that are just as good as their "gluten" counterparts. They are working in partnership with the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR). The hope is to invite others with developmental disabilities to work with them in the kitchen once Covid has passed - making, selling, and marketing the products as well as advocating for sustainable employment for Elizabeth and others with developmental disabilities. 
Elizabeth shared they make volcano cookies (which are spicy), a freaky-Friday cookie, and the kitchen sink cookie. They have tested 14 different recipes so far. Other items include zucchini bread and banana bread. They even have one cupcake recipe they are working on!
Right now, they are still in process with DVR to get their business open, including a food processing license. They will have a website and logo to publish soon. They plan to be in the commercial kitchen the week of May 3. Their goal is to sell at the Farmer's Market as well as offer weekly/monthly cookie subscriptions. They hope to have their own commercial kitchen someday!
The hope is that someday Kim can step away from the business and Elizabeth and her friends can have sustainable employment.